'Historic' Range: Timber Front Doors

Choose from our 'Historic' range of timber front doors for an authentic heritage look.

Just as with our main range, you can specify just about any design of door, including inward or outward opening versions and a single or 'French' door layout. In addition, we offer a choice of traditional hardware to add detail that will fit perfectly with the style and character of your property and/or your internal decor.

All wooden front doors in our 'Historic' range are fitted with adjustable hinges, so that the door can be set correctly for smooth, easy opening and closing. They also feature robust sills with a hardwearing, teak-stained finish that's resistant to damage from heavy footfall.

For added flexibility, we offer a choice of multipoint locking or traditional locks. As for security and weather-proofing, all doors are designed to offer the highest standards of quality and reliability.

For more detailed information, such as hardware/timber and paint options, please click here to visit the respective page on the George Barnsdale website

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