Timber Tilt and Slide Patio Doors

Where high levels of weather proofing and security are critical, our wooden tilt and slide patio doors offer a reliable solution.

They feature the beauty and elegance of natural wood, while also being strong and durable enough to provide years of trouble-free service.

Our range of timber tilt and slide patio doors includes a wide choice of configurations. Doors can be adapted to fit just about any size of opening and to suit the functionality of the room. As with our tilt and turn windows, the flexible design means window sashes and door leaves can be combined to any specification. Doors can be either tilt and slide or fixed and sashes can be fixed, tilt and turn, turn only or tilt only.

Other attractive features include all-round locking, a weatherbar, low-resistance sliders and draught seals.

For more detailed information, such as hardware/timber and paint options, please click here to visit the respective page on the George Barnsdale website


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