Carbon Calculations


Cost (£)LitresCost/ litrekWh Conversion*CO2e (Tonnes)2018/19% Reduction
ElectricNone – will be 100% renewable in new office
Heating Oil11100%

Energy Savings from WindowsEnergy Saved**kWhtCO2
HeatGas Estimated Savings Low£346899,08618
HeatGas Estimated Savings High£5060144,57127

Carbon Sequestered in Timber Windowsm3 wood / window^No. WindowsVol. Timber (m3)tCO2^^

Total Carbon Saving44

Timber usage calculation

Here is the calculation for the total volume of Timber used in a generic 1200×1200 casement window (supplied by George Barnsdale Timber Windows & Doors):

Overall width1200
Overall height1200

Frame thickness81
Cill width67
Head width59
Jamb width59
Mullion width62

Rebate depth18
Rebate width50

Sash thickness59
Sash bottom rail88
Sash side rail60
Sash top rail60

Cill volume0.004347
Head volume0.003699
Jamb volume0.003699
Mullion volume0.005022

Total frame volume0.020466

Sash bottom rail volume0.005737
Sash top rail volume0.003913
Sash side rail volume0.004103

Total sash volume0.035708



* Taken from ESOS calculator
** The Energy Saving Trust estimates a saving of £75 to £110 per year for a 3-bedroom home, so with 8 windows on average that is 46 homes, creating £3,468 – £5,060 energy costs and 18-27 tonnes of CO2e saved.
^ See George Barnsdale stats.
^^ 1m3 = 1 tonne of CO2.