Combining traditional styling with contemporary performance standards, all our ‘Historic’ wooden French doors are available as inward or outward opening versions.

For more detailed information, such as hardware/timber and paint options, please click here to visit the respective page on the George Barnsdale website

Just as with our main range, you can choose just about any design or styling.

In addition, we offer a selection of traditional hardware to add the finishing touches that blend harmoniously with the style of your property. Hinges are available in different shades and are adjustable, enabling the doors to be set correctly for smooth, easy opening and closing.

To safeguard against wind damage, outward opening doors feature a restrictor which prevents the door from opening to more than a 90-degree angle. To minimise wear and tear from foot traffic, both inward and outward opening doors incorporate a robust sill with a hardwearing, teak-stained finish.

All our ‘Historic’ timber French doors are available with either multipoint locking or traditional locks and are designed to provide high levels of security and weather proofing.