Our ‘Historic’ Yorkshire wooden sash windows are available with very slender profiles, which means they authentically reproduce the look of the original design.

For more detailed information, such as hardware/timber and paint options, please click here to visit the respective page on the George Barnsdale website

This is particularly relevant with regard to the meeting rail where the two sashes come together. A 35mm profile width is available for single glazing and a 40mm width for double glazing.

As with most of our products, these timber sash windows are available in just about any configuration. In addition, specifications such as profile moulds and widths can be adapted to tie in with existing fittings or features.

Our ‘Historic’ Yorkshire timber sash windows incorporate a traditional horizontal sliding mechanism and offer excellent draught proofing. As for glazing, we offer a range of options, all of which conform to our performance standards and are, therefore, fully guaranteed.