Timber Casement Windows

Wooden casement windows have been used in properties for centuries and are essential in defining the character of many historic houses.

A timber-framed window style that suits any home.

Over the years, developments in glazing technology, prevailing tastes and design refinements have changed the size and shape of the glass panes. For example, leaded lights were popular with the Victorians, while smaller pane sizes made a comeback in Edwardian times. However, the classic elegance of a casement window has stood the test of time and remains the definitive look for period homes.


We offer a wide range of designs, layout, glazing and finishes, all backed by industry-leading guarantees. 

At Excell Timber Windows, we place great importance on sustainability and reducing our impact on the environment. We therefore manage our business in order to create as minimal impact as we can, and to support our customers to do the same.

Features of Timber Casement Windows

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